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1.Seamless Nylon liner , up to a surface resistivity of 1X10e11Ω ,provides superior dexterity and sensitivity. 2.The back of the glove is breathable and provides comfort for long time using. 3.Anti-Static protection for electronics and other sensitive work. 4.Excellent for handling/assembling small parts, having a good dexterity & grip and protecting scratch &contaminations with the PU coated on the fingertips or Palm areas


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高价洁净室设备可供出口.我们在中国中为洁净室设备生产提供全球市场经济利率.如果你正在寻找一个在洁净室设备中专门研究的着名洁净室设备及用品 批发商/经销商,那么dongguan yaning purification technology coltdundefined是最好的选择.dongguan yaning purification technology coltdundefined是中国中最优秀的企业,正在进行国际贸易.


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高价洁净室设备可供出口.我们在印度中为洁净室设备生产提供全球市场经济利率.如果你正在寻找一个在洁净室设备中专门研究的着名洁净室设备及用品 出口商,那么neptune industries是最好的选择.neptune industries是印度中最优秀的企业,正在进行国际贸易.


艾哈迈达巴德, 印度

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高价洁净室设备可供出口.我们在中国中为洁净室设备生产提供全球市场经济利率.如果你正在寻找一个在洁净室设备中专门研究的着名洁净室设备及用品 批发商/经销商,那么gzcleanroom是最好的选择.gzcleanroom是中国中最优秀的企业,正在进行国际贸易.


苏州, 中国

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Airflow Speed : yes | Automation Grade : Manual | Brand : yes | Capacity : yes | Color : yes | Diameter : yes | Driven Type : yes | Efficiency : yes | Filtration Capacity : yes | Frequency : yes |

高价过滤单元可供出口.我们在中国中为过滤单元生产提供全球市场经济利率.如果你正在寻找一个在过滤单元中专门研究的着名过滤器组件和备件 制造商/工厂,那么suzhou yutian clean technology co,. ltd是最好的选择.suzhou yutian clean technology co,. ltd是中国中最优秀的企业,正在进行国际贸易.


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Kunshan CRAC Clean Technology Co., Ltd participated in Canton Fair in October 2017 , China. The purpose of the tradeshow was to gather industrial giants from different parts of the world and provide a platform where each of these factories would connect and interact with each other, exchange and barter goods and buy and sell different products as well. Since 2006, the company has participated in 3 other events similar to Canton Fair, which were organized in Brazil,Malta,New Zealand. During these trade events, Kunshan CRAC Clean Technology Co., Ltd exhibited different types of products like Air Filter and Clean room equipment. The estimated ROI generated from these events are valued to be around 2.1 Million USD - 35% of Annual Revenue. Having an export history of about 12 Years, Kunshan CRAC Clean Technology Co., Ltd major exports are Air Filter and Clean room equipment,Mini Pleat HEPA Filter with an export ration to be valued around 2.1 Million USD - 35% of Annual Revenue. The export market share of the factory overall is around Asia = 30%Europe = 51%Americas = 34%Middle East = 13%Africa = 21%Oceana = 0%Local Market = 6%. Similarly, the largest market share was collected by the local market with percent. The major clients of Kunshan CRAC Clean Technology Co., Ltd is individual importers � 26, corporations � 19 � SMEs � 23, and government institutions � 19